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Some pulverizers are capable of processing materials continuously, while other pulverizers process materials in batches. Single-batch pulverizers shut off once the desired time duration has transpired in order to achieve appropriate particle size. Usually more dense materials such as plastic or wood are processed in single batch pulverizers, whereas concrete or coal can be continuously fed into a pulverizer via a conveyer or other automated system. Pulverizers are available in carbon, stainless steel and other materials depending on their intended use, since certain materials may be more suited for use in different applications and industries such as in food or other industries that require sanitary materials. As a result, it is important to explore the safety regulations associated with the material being reduced. Because of the immense force and pressure used in industrial pulverizers, the risk of employee injury can be high if proper safety precautions are not taken. Safety items such as guard rails, shields, sensors and auto shut-off controls decrease the likelihood of accidents. When properly installed, maintained and operated by trained professionals, pulverizers are invaluable assets to many operations.

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